Online member directories
that people actually use.

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What's wrong with your current online membership directory?

  1. It's difficult to use (especially on mobiles), so members don't get many enquiries.
  2. The information is out-of-date even though your team spends lots of time manually editing it.
  3. It doesn't bring in any money and no-one values it.

hey tribe is a membership directory which is more effective, cheaper to run and brings in revenue.

Who are we for?

Professional and trade associations

Exhibitions and events

Membership organisations


Easy to use

Drive more business to your members

The simple, clean, optimised interface is easy to use on every device. And the powerful search, filters and maps give the right results, everytime.

So your members will get more enquiries - and you'll get thanked.

Save time

No more manual updating

With hey tribe, members log in and update their profiles themselves. They can add photos, maps and social media to bring their businesses to life.

Now they can use it as a daily marketing tool and you can save time.

Added features

Develop a new revenue stream

Our service allows for featured listings, extended profiles and detailed analytics. You can offer them to your members for a fee or as part of your subscription packages.

That's how to support your members and keep your organisation's finances healthy.

“hey tribe is an easy way to give members the one thing they really want - more business”

Amanda Pearson, Association of Psychotherapists

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